Which window cleaning?

Professionals use a basic solution of cleaning concentrate and water to clean windows. They could use a scouring pad to loosen dirt and sunburned debris from the glass, and then start working with a spatula to make the glass perfectly transparent. They will clean both the inside and outside of the window. Professionals take special care with individual split panels to protect the edges.

Because glass surfaces, such as mirrors and windows, are cleaned frequently and touched on a regular basis, it's important to understand what exactly your cleaning products contain. Whether you choose a homemade or store-bought vinegar cleaning solution, start with these tips and techniques on how to clean windows inside and out to get the job done quickly and easily. Standard cleaning for one- and two-story buildings will generally stay within the same range, but cleaning high-rise windows may involve special permits and security equipment, which would increase costs. To clean windows with split glass (glass), use the scouring pad to wash the glass first, and then clean the glass with a spatula.

We also recommend that you keep these and all cleaning products out of reach of children and increase ventilation as much as possible while cleaning by opening windows and turning on fans.

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