What size window cleaning pole do i need?

Extension poles come in a variety of sizes and you probably have some in your arsenal to do different jobs. Shorter posts of 8 feet or less are ideal for reaching windows at ground level. Some extension poles will go up to 24 feet, with that length you can reach most windows on the second floor and perhaps some windows on the third floor. Most domestic floor, first and second floor windows can be cleaned with 20- and 25-foot water-powered posts.

Depending on your needs, you may only need one pole, or if you clean several types of buildings, you may need an assembly of different lengths. The first step is to determine the correct length or height of the pole you need. To achieve this, consider the maximum height of the tallest window you need to reach and multiply that height by 1.2 times. By multiplying the height you need to reach by this amount, you add a small amount to the length of the rod to compensate for any bending or bending in the rod created by scrubbing pressure and gravity.

Once you decide on the pole length, it's time to choose the material you want. The size of the pole you need will largely depend on the type of job you need it for. Most domestic work is done on the ground floor and first floor, so a pole that reaches 18-22 feet is ideal, with a folded length of approximately 5 feet. You may need to purchase a selection of extension rods depending on the work you do.

While you'll need big canes, bigger isn't always better. The small, lightweight 2 x 60 cm bar will suffice for most cleaning requirements. This size is highly recommended and very practical for those windows that are out of reach. The best-selling DocApole 6-24' cleaning kit provides everything you need for interior and exterior dust removal, as well as window cleaning.

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