What cleaning tool do you use on windows?

There are many different types of window cleaning tools, but microfiber cloths or mops are a good place to start. Not only are they absorbent, but they can be used on any window and leave no streaks. Cleaning multiple windows is a lot of work when using paper towels and a spray bottle. Skip the paper towels and instead grab Unger's scouring pad and brush combination, which does a lot of the work for you.

Dampen and clean windows with the microfiber scouring pad (which will not scratch the glass) before flipping the tool to remove excess water with the squeegee. Clean Magic Eraser blades are preferable to standard Magic Eraser sponges. This is because sheets (sold in packs of 1) are more flexible and can better reach small crevices and corners. To use a magic eraser sheet, moisten, squeeze out excess water, and wipe or scrub the problem surface.

An efficient tool for washing windows is always appreciated. Windex basic window cleaning tool kit specifically designed for exterior windows includes a handle, four 1-foot post sections, and a pad soaked with a cleaning agent. You can attach an extension pole (not included in the starter kit) to go even further and potentially eliminate the need to stagger on a ladder to clean second floor windows. To use the window cleaning tool, spray the window with water, clean it with the long-handled scrub pad, and rinse it for a streak-free shine.

No need to dry your hands and each pad can clean up to 20 windows. We recommend the Baban window cleaner, as its four-section rod can be mounted to extend up to 61 inches. Its adaptable design features a comfort-grip handle and a cleaning head that has a scraper and a machine-washable microfiber cloth. In addition, a rubber seal adjusts the cleaning head so that it can make contact with every corner of the window.

Weighing just 1.5 pounds, this scraper isn't likely to test your muscles and joints. While extension poles will help keep your feet on the ground on most jobs, there are times when you'll need a ladder to clean a tall window well. This is no place to skimp. A good ladder can literally save your life.

These systems use extension rods with a brush head that dispenses 100% purified water. Because the water is completely clean of chlorine, minerals and larger particles, it dries perfectly transparent, without the need to use a squeegee. Benefits of using a water-powered post system include no stairs, extended reach, and seamless window cleaning with less effort. Water-powered poles are also easy to learn, even for beginners.

If you're sick of cleaning your windows “the old fashioned way”, then it's time you got a basic window cleaning kit. Instead of putting yourself in a dangerous situation when trying to clean the outside of your windows, you can opt for a magnetic tool that allows you to clean the outer panes of your glass from the safety and comfort of your home. The extension pole has long reach capability so you can reach and clean edges and corners with ease, making it one of the best window cleaning tools for tall windows. It is a small manual cleaning kit for windows and glass panels with a 12-inch silicone scraper and a 10-inch microfiber wipe for quick and easy cleaning.

Because you'll have your hands in soapy water and possibly even add some cleaning products to the water to remove dirt from your windows, you'll want to invest in some rubber cleaning gloves. A window cleaning kit about 4 feet long is best used for first floor windows or car windshields, while cleaning tools 12 feet long (144 inches) are best used in hard-to-reach areas, such as second floors or very tall windows. This window cleaning product has a cloth to clean windows, frames and windowsills and another to leave the glass streak-free and transparent. This 2-in-1 window cleaning tool features a squeegee on one side and a scouring pad on the other to make your window cleaning work easier.

With that said, our window cleaning expert cautions against buying one right away as part of your window cleaning starter kit. . .

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