How do you clean gutters when you cant reach?

This is a great solution because it's strong enough to clean the outside of gutters without corroding aluminum. You can also create a cleansing paste with cream of tartar and water. In addition to acting as a cleaning agent, it will also provide a smooth polish. That leaves your gutters white and shiny as if they just bought them.

If the gutters are mainly filled with dry leaves, twigs or pine needles, they can be easily vacuumed without climbing a ladder. These accessories fit on the end of a standard Shop-Vac or leaf blower. The curved portion can be folded over the edge of the chute to suck debris into a bag or vacuum chamber. If you want to clean the gutters without a ladder, it's possible.

A gutter hook attachment for your hose or pressure washer, such as Amazon's Mingle pressure washer attachment (opens in a new tab) is the best alternative. Of course, you won't be able to see inside the gutter, so you might not see the debris, but with high pressure there's less chance of that happening. Plus, it means you can keep your feet firmly on the ground while you work. An ounce of gutter blockage prevention saves a lot of time and goes a long way in keeping gutters clean and free of debris.

Standing on a ladder or cleaning floor gutters (see below) are the best alternatives if you do this work yourself. Alternatively, you may want to get a gutter shovel (here are some gutter shovels on Amazon (opens in a new tab)) to get the job done. To reduce or avoid the undesirable chute cleaning task altogether, consider installing a screen, such as Raptor stainless steel micromesh gutter protection. Of all the necessary ills that make up a diligent fall maintenance routine, gutter cleaning may be the most feared of all.

The best way to clean gutters is to use a method that you feel comfortable with and that is safe and effective. Working with homeowners and businesses to get their small repairs done in a timely and efficient manner, Honest Lee Handyman Services provides gutter and dryer cleaning along with fixture, fence, drywall and toilet repairs. But don't despair otherwise, whatever your configuration, our guide includes a way to clean the gutters that work for you. Fortunately, there are several tools on the market today that allow homeowners to clean their gutters without putting every foot on a ladder.

The following two techniques are useful for those who prefer to clean gutters with their feet firmly planted in the ground. But the beauty of autumn fades when you find yourself staggering on a ladder to clear debris from roof gutters before they clog, freeze, or even burst the gutter. No matter which method you choose, here's a good guide to accomplish the task of cleaning hard-to-reach gutters. What you clean from your gutter can just as easily be thrown onto the floor to break down, but keep in mind that this is a much messier solution.

If you notice that the downspouts continue to flow weakly or unevenly, it is likely that there are still obstructions in the gutters that will need to be cleaned.

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