Do gutter guards damage shingles?

Nailed to the Roof Some gutter protectors will require you to nail the system to the roof. We can't dwell enough on how bad this is for your roof. This will cause damage to the roof, and the shingles will no longer do their job of properly protecting your home from water ingress. Many great gutter guards require installation under the first row of shingles, but this is generally not the best option.

Installing gutter protectors under shingles breaks the roof's watertight barrier and can cause water damage. It is usually best to install gutter protectors on top of shingles. Remember how we said there were warnings? If you took the DIY route or had an unlicensed gutter company install your gutter protectors, they could void your warranty if they weren't installed properly and your roof was damaged. Now that we know Rhino gutter guards won't void your roof warranty, let's talk about what they're designed for.

Not only do they protect the roof from damage, but they also help keep the warranty in place by not allowing water to damage the shingles or roof. Basically, by keeping the gutters free of debris that could clog them, rainwater will not end up flooding down the sides of the gutters and soaking into the edge of the roof. If this happens, the wood will eventually rot and the shingles will not have a solid base to attach to. In addition, if the gutters are not working properly, other parts of the roofing system may be affected.

Properly installed Rhino gutter guards also protect the walls and foundations of your home, not to mention they also work well to prevent soil erosion around your home. Gutter guards are designed, in part, to facilitate cleaning and can reduce the workload of homeowners who face gutters filled with leaves and other debris. This process causes fallen rainwater draining from the roof to adhere to the top of the gutter system before it easily accumulates in the gutter channel below in a smooth and controlled manner. Gutter Guards Direct has been helping homeowners and businesses solve gutter and water problems with innovative solutions since 1996.

We've heard this misconception many times here at The Rhino Gutter Company; it's become something of an urban legend spread by competing gutter manufacturers over the years to scare homeowners. far from using a product that they might not wear. Generally speaking, most gutter protection additions require you to install it by placing the piece flat, on top of the gutter itself. He states that “you will never have to clean your gutters again, but many consumers consider them to be too expensive.

It is best to decide which gutter protectors to buy based on the overall costs, pros and cons of installing these gutters. Consequently, because gutter protectors slide directly into your gutter system, you won't need to place them under the shingles to secure them in place. If you are thinking of installing gutter guards or have questions about a gutter system, call Victors Roofing. So, if you're ready to upgrade your home's gutter system, book a free consultation with the professional Local Home Pro team and our trusted gutter contractors today and have peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.

You wouldn't install gutter protectors under your roof shingles in an ideal world, but on top of them or directly on the gutter. So, if you've never dealt with your gutters before, it may be best to hire a professional company to install your gutter guards for you. Cleaning the gutters in your home is a must to prevent water and roof leaks, but not necessarily a favorite task of homeowners. .

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