Can window cleaning brushes scratch windows?

It will not or should not be the bristles of the brush that will cause scratches on the glass, if they occur during cleaning, there is most likely dirt trapped in the bristles of the brush that can cause scratches. First of all, it's essential to never dry clean windows. Having a dry window or using a paper towel or dry cloth can attract dust and other particles, which can scratch the window when you clean it. Even if the cloth or towel you are using feels soft, it can contain or attract dust particles.

Be sure to use a damp cloth and spray the windows so that they get wet when cleaning them. I know Glass Renu will remove scratches, but it's very expensive and there are a lot of scratches on these windows. It may be more expensive to remove them all than to pay for new windows. With our professional tools, windows won't get scratched.

In general, glass is often scratched by those who don't know what they are doing after a new construction or new construction. Say, for example, that paint is left on a window and someone without the right tools could scratch it when trying to remove the paint. Glass polish is another option you can try to remove scratches from windows. After cleaning and drying the area, rub a little polish in a circular motion on the scratch.

Do it with a soft cloth or cotton ball. Wipe off excess polish with a clean, damp cloth and you'll see a smooth surface. Keep in mind that you don't want to use too much glass polish, as this could cause more scratches or haze due to its abrasive qualities. As stated above, we only use soft brushes and purified water and occasionally microfiber clothing to clean windows, so our work cannot cause scratches.

However, if there is a scratch on the glass, it is generally less visible when the window is dirty. Our cleaning will remove dirt from the scratch and is more likely to trap light and be visible. This will be a problem for your builder, but we will gladly write a report to set out the situation that should help you in any conversation you have with the home builder. When applied to glass surfaces, clean water is allowed to air dry and leaves the surface free of streaks or soap residue than traditional window cleaning methods.

It's best to leave washing and cleaning to a professional who knows the types of windows you're working with and what can go wrong and the right tools to use, and the right way to clean the specific windows you have. Using the right cleaning supplies and tools is essential to cleaning windows efficiently and correctly.

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