Can clogged gutters cause plumbing problems?

Additional Effects of Clogged Gutters A clogged gutter can cause a water overflow that can overflow a basement sump pump. If you have storm drains, rainwater may not flow properly to pipes that move water away from your home to a nearby river or stream. In addition, gutter problems can strain roof flashings. Hundreds of homeowners every year call gutter companies when the rains begin, worried about gutter leaks or gutters that overflow with heavy rain.

Many of these problems result from blockage of gutters. When rain gutters become clogged, water cannot drain properly and will spill over the gutters, which can cause a variety of problems that can be serious and costly, such as damage to foundations or coatings. Having a blocked gutter, you may notice standing water in the drain pipe. The standing water will be at the end of the downspout, before entering the French drain.

The French drain takes all the rainwater from the gutter and takes it to the sewers or somewhere outside the house. With this happening, you will be annoyed every time you walk by stepping on all this water, but it can cause leaks in your basement. You may notice that the walls are going to get wet and slowly, the basement will become moldy. On top of that, it can cause a problem with your home's foundation if it's ignored for too long.

In this case, all you need to do is use a water powered snake and put it inside the hole. You may need to rent one from a plumbing supplier if you don't have that much time. You'll be able to remove anything that might be causing an obstruction problem. Once this is done, your French drain pipe will be free and the water will come out easily.

Cleaning gutters may seem like a hassle, but doing the work twice a year will go a long way in helping prevent water damage throughout the house, especially the roof line and basement. That's because cleaning gutters can help prevent anything from honeycombs to a bad foundation. Adding gutter covers to your gutter system can extend the time needed between cleanings, but it won't save you from a basement flood. Other reasons that can cause rain gutters to clog are incorrect slope in downspouts that prevents water from draining properly, or even having ice dams in the gutters.

Roto Rooter cleaned my gutters and cleaned my underground drains because the downspouts were receding as shown in the images. Newer gutters are specially equipped with specially designed covers and special filters that will pick up most of the leaves and anything that might clog your gutter. If you have an entrance, you risk damage or destruction in the same way if you don't regularly clean the gutters to avoid blockages. As with most problems with your gutter system, you won't be able to identify the problem unless you watch your gutter system during rain.

The most common problem is that the gutters come loose quickly and the passage of the gutters could be affected. These downspout traps are not a solution for gutter cleaning and should only be used to protect underground drains. But homes with lots of trees nearby may need more than one cleaning in the fall, and it's important to always watch gutters during rain for signs of clogging or overflow.

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